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    4. Conclusion
    This work demonstrated the characterization and cytotoxicity of the biogenic MgONPs and Ag-MgONPs. The high throughput bio-materials characterization results revealed the successful fabrica-tion of the NPs. Particularly, the XPS and EDS results strongly evidenced the formation of Ag-MgONPs by bonding of Ag-O-Mg. The cytotoxicity assays revealed the Ag-MgONPs induced cell death in PC-3 D-Luciferin through activation of ROS production, cellular and nucleus damage. This work is worthy for the further study on molecular mechanisms of Ag-MgONPs induced cancer cell death.
    Conflict of interest
    The authors declare no competing Þnancial or other conßicts of interests.
    This work was supported by Korea Research Fellowship Pro-gram through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT (2017H1D3A1A01052610).
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